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Be part of the dyslexic world and engage debate but more importantly generate and make changes.

You can do it believe in yourself because it is unlikely that anyone else will but at badg we know you can so do it.

Sad News badg will be closing its doors on Friday, 31 March 2017 for the last time due to the fact of Birmingham City Council Library Services decided the library is no longer needed or important so they will be closing Selly Oak Library for ever on

1 April 2017 and the library will be no more.

We have a office based in Selly Oak Library where help, information and support is available on Mondays and Fridays from 2.00pm till 4:00pm.

badg members meet every week at Selly Oak Library upstairs for badg members and visitors only, when you arrive there is a fire health and safety register required to be filled in, however a member of staff will help you if you have difficulty but basically you put date – your name – who you are visiting (badg) and time, and when you leave you put the time you are leaving the building, you then go upstairs turn right at the top and the first door on the right is where Raymond or Mohammed will greet you with a nice cup  tea or coffee.

Opening Hours:  Monday 2:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m.
                         Friday 2:00 pm. until 4:00 p.m.


badg Office Contact Details
Key Contact: William Ford
Mobile: 0798 605 4301
Office telephone: 0121 464 0716


Who are badg?

badg is a self-help user led dyslexic group. It was started in the mid 1990's in Birmingham. It is probably one of the earliest, largest and longest running adult self-help groups in Europe. badg members meet once a month, funding permitting on an evening, and every Tuesday and Friday during the day. badg's main aims are to help Text Disabled and Dyslexics emotionally and socially. We are also involved in informing people of the real issues of dyslexia, which are short-term memory and the positive attributes of dyslexics and not the negatives reading, writing and arithmetic. We are in the process of developing our website so it is dyslexic friendly. We are also raising issues in regards to the library and its failure to provide an adequate and reasonable service.We have over a number of years made certain suggestions and recommendations to resolve these issues and responses have not been forthcoming.

To promote positive awareness badg's chairperson William Ford decided to start a new group called Birmingham Dyslexic Art. Its aims are to repair the long-term damage that the education system and the negative social environment have brought about. With the support of the committee and badg members we have gone about encouraging adult dyslexics to become more involved in the arts. We started with photography, watercolours, acrylics and montages. Also designing t-shirt slogans using various materials such as felt-tip pens, acrylics, car paints, paper, CD's and other materials.We also provided dyslexic members and non-members with disposable cameras. This culminated in an exhibition at the Rep and at Central Library which can now be seen on this website. This has been the starting point. We aim to make this an annual event, encouraging all ages of dyslexics from the young through to the elderly. The interest so far has been overwhelming, so we are looking forward to a positive future for dyslexics in the arts.

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