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Am I Dyslexic?

How can I find out if I'm dyslexic?

You can begin by looking at the free checklist to see if you have similar difficulties.

If you do? 

You may wish to take the next step which is a computer screening assessment to see if you have dyslexic traits or tendencies, for further information please ring our mobile helpline or email.

If this proves positive the next step is a full Chartered Psychologist Assessment for Education or the Workplace This is carried out by another organisation currently charging £475 this assessment takes approximately 3 hours and a written report usually follows within 21 days, again for further information please call our helpline or email us.

Please Note there may be other ways of obtaining the above however for this information we strongly recommend you attend one of our monthly meetings, the screening for dyslexic traits you will need to contact administration using mobile number or email.

Checklist (based on Vinegrad's research)

Answer yes if the problem happens frequently.

1. I sometimes have to read a passage several times before I understand it.

2. When reading I sometimes miss out lines or lose my place.

3. I sometimes get the wrong word, or confuse words that are similar when I am writing.

4. I make silly spelling mistakes and on some days I can spell better than on others.

5. I have problems with sequencing, months of the year, dictionaries, telephone directories.

6. I cannot remember messages.

7. I find it difficult to follow complicated instructions.

8. I have difficulty remembering telephone numbers, birthdays, appointments.

9. I cannot get organised.

10. I mix up my left and right.

11. These problems get worse when I'm under stress

Is there a cure?

No! There is no cure. With help, a lot of the issues can be resolved. You can learn how to cope and make positive use of the skills that you have.

Is dyslexia hereditary?

Dyslexia appears to run in families and there is increasing evidence to show that it is hereditary.

badg Office Contact Details
Key Contact: William Ford
Mobile: 0798 605 4301
Office telephone: 0121 464 0716

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